For 30 years, ABODA by RESIDE has grown its intern housing program to meet the needs of our clients’ thriving internship programs. Our success lies in our years of experience, collaboration and partnership with our clients.

We make securing inventory a year-round activity due to compressed rental markets and growing populations in our clients’ core markets. 

Our ability to build partnerships with various alternative accommodations providers has given us access to creative housing solutions in compressed housing markets where many find it difficult to source inventory.

Intern Housing Services

  • Forecasting based on market trends, utilizing Power BI and business analytics
  • Account assessment, and preparing for annual business
  • Utilization, acceptance
  • Roommate matching
  • Cost analysis by housing type
  • Sourcing inventory to match client’s demand
  • Pre-planning & post mortem meetings
  • End-to-end lump sum program management
  • Intern booking portals

Intern Housing Options


  • Fully furnished apartments at prestigious universities and colleges
  • Sense of community and camaraderie for all interns
  • Access to on-campus amenities and dining options
  • Cost-effective and scalable solution


  • Real-time booking tool with access to over 125,000 hotels globally
  • Hotels can be used to supplement the beginning/end of stays
  • Streamlined experience management


  • Fully furnished suites at high quality properties
  • Double the square footage of a hotel room
  • Access to all services and amenities
  • Cost-effective solution for long or short-term stays