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General Information

Job Posting Date: 06/15/2018
Department: Client Services
Pay Range: $12 per hour
Work Schedule: 24 hours per week, hours will vary
Hiring Manager / Contact: Human Resources
Location: Rochester, MN

Primary Responsibilities

  • Assisting guests with luggage/groceries/travel.
  • Patrolling the building, monitoring cameras and acting immediately to any fire call that comes through the Simplex system.
  • Assisting check-ins with all the knowledge of appliances, locations of services and transportation.
  • Answering after hours phone calls, taking information about upcoming reservations or quotes and relaying the information to the on staff member.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Valet parking for VIP.
  • Maintain clean entrance and lobby areas.
  • Keeping up to date logs on valet parking, activity and packages.

Knowledge, Skills and Qualifications

  • Excellent verbal communication skills.
  • Active listening skills and ability to give full attention and understand what guests are asking.
  • Bi-lingual is preferred.
  • Confidence, enthusiasm and a strong dedication to the job and company.
  • Basic computer knowledge and willingness to learn.
  • Customer focused approach to problem solving.

Education, Training and Certification

  • Must have a valid drivers license.

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