ABODA wins Provider of the Year & Best Marketing awards

Seattle, WA – March 13, 2017 – ABODA, an innovative leader in global housing management services providing responsive, reliable and resourceful solutions to some of the biggest brands in the world, left the annual Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA) conference with two top industry awards.

ABODA was on-hand to receive the coveted “Provider of the Year” award in Huntington Beach, CA during the annual CHPA conference. ABODA was recognized for being an outstanding company who has demonstrated commitment and excellence in the corporate housing industry and a record growth year. In 2016, on the tail of doubling its headquarters size in Washington state, ABODA opened 2 new markets in Portland and San Francisco, expanded its portfolio to manage Broadway Plaza in Rochester, MN, was honored with coveted industry awards for its service delivery and overall performance, and saw an increase in guest satisfaction and revenue year over year. The CHPA “Provider of the Year” award represents peer and industry recognition that ABODA is leading the global housing industry.

“It’s quite an honor for all of the employee owners of ABODA,” said Dave Caple, CEO and President of ABODA. “Everyone had a hand in our record growth and success last year. To win this award is the recognition that ABODA is doing right by our clients, our guests and the industry.”

ABODA was also proud to be recognized by the CHPA Tower of Excellence award for “Most Creative Marketing” for its outstanding campaign at the San Francisco Zoo that had a measurable impact on ABODA’s corporate housing business. ABODA was able to extend "all the comforts of home®" to Uulu, the oldest living polar bear in North America, by delivering 10 tons of snow and ice to her habitat.

“At ABODA, it’s our mission to connect people on the move with services tailored to make them feel at home,” said Lee Curtis, CCHP, President of ABODA Global Housing Management. “Delivering a snow day to Uulu was our way of extending the early comforts of winter to her as well as doing a great thing for our local community in the Bay Area.”

The Corporate Housing Providers Association annual conference draws hundreds of corporate housing suppliers from around the world every year. In February 2017, all suppliers congregated in Huntington Beach, CA for meetings and the Tower of Excellence award ceremony.


About ABODA 
ABODA is an innovative leader in global housing management services, providing responsive, reliable and resourceful solutions to some of the biggest brands in the world. ABODA Global Housing Management uses a logistics-focused approach, combining the best of program planning and administration, inventory management, execution, service delivery and technology to help corporate clients operate more efficiently and enhance customer experiences. ABODA also offers furnishings, property management, and cleaning services in the Greater Seattle Area. Employee-owned ABODA is flexible enough to meet clients’ ever-changing business needs through its award-winning customer service. Learn more about ABODA at www.aboda.com or call 1-888-389-0500.