Providing ‘All the Comforts of Home’ to our communities in need

“To those whom much is given, much is expected” John F Kennedy.   ABODA employees are committed to community involvement, charitable giving, and volunteerism.   “Spirit of Service” is one of ABODA’s core values that are a pact for all employees.   Our service-minded culture and our desire as a company to give back ‘All the Comforts of Home’ to those in need guides us in our community efforts.

Our employee based Community Service Committee actively looks for organizations with needs in the community aligned with housing and families.   Listed below are ongoing initiatives and projects that ABODA has been proud to be involved in:

Furniture Donation

Community service is not a single year event, but a long term commitment.  In just  the past three years, ABODA furnished fifteen homes for the International District Housing Alliance (Now Interim CDA), an organization who helps integrate legal immigrants into the United States.  ABODA has  donated 400 TV’s to raise money for the American Cancer society,  donated 6 fully furnished apartments for the local families that lost everything in a New Years Eve apartment fire and 3 other families throughout the last year from individual fire losses.  Additionally, every year over the past 12 years ABODA has supported Way Back Inn, a Seattle organization that offers transitional housing for homeless families,  by renovating a home and donating all the furnishings, linens and housewares – achieving 50% employee participation with the labor. “ABODA has been an absolutely incredible sponsor over the years!  They paint the house, inside and out, they donate furniture and housewares - they do everything, from yard work and planting flowers to hanging paintings on the walls.” (Vern Francis, board member of the local nonprofit organization Way Back Inn.) Finally, ABODA donates gently used housewares and linens to the Big Brother program which is used to supplement their operating budget. 

Education Commitment

In 2013, In honor of our comrade, Ralph Jones, who succumbed to cancer in 2012, ABODA made a $150,000 donation to Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWIT).  The Lake Washington College Foundation in return established the Ralph L. Jones Memorial Endowment, creating two new annual $3,000 scholarships aimed at working students who did not qualify for other scholarships, but still demonstrated a drive for education and a need for financial assistance.  ABODA’s investment, paired with good investing, will allow Lake Washington College to continue to provide this scholarship in perpetuity. 

Women in Need

ABODA has partnered with a local Women’s shelter to recreate their model for housing victims of domestic violence.  Once sheltered in a large single dwelling, the organization found that having multiple families of varying backgrounds living in one place created complications that did not help in the healing process.  With ABODA, families are booked into individual apartments with creative and cooperative services providing a shelter that allows families to “hide in plain sight”, and allows them a more normal home life through this difficult transitional time.  ABODA and this organization have partnered to date with 11 active units.


ABODA encourages and supports volunteerism at all levels.  ABODA’s matching funds not only matches any donation an employee gives, but also matches $10 per hour for any volunteer time our employees spend.  ABODA also encourages leadership in community efforts.